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About SEOtweets.io

Hi! My name is Phil, and I acquired this project at the end of January 2022. Therefore, no need to keep messaging Adam (the builder) about SEOtweets.io😊

I come from an eCommerce and enterprise sales/marketing background, and have a passion for scaling cool things. I started in D2C paid social, then moved to B2B enterprise sales and marketing strategies for D2C brands looking for another sales channel.

I gained an affinity for the power SEO when the scale at which B2B paid social and Google Ads are less effective when trying to sell to larger company purchasing parties (C-Suite, departments, individual managers, etc.) - SEO is the ultimate audience-building marketing practice for any company, as it leads the buyer to self-discovery, which is a much stronger sales funnel.

That being said, SEO is as convoluted and ever-changing a practice as it is fascinating. Learning it in my prior consulting role was frustrating, to say the least. Therefore, I decided that I'd love to help the community of SEO Big Brains lead the way in educating the rest of us noble pupils.

When I came across SEOtweets.io, I saw the perfect avenue to do so. Coming from scaling D2C brands, I can't wait to implement everything that I've learned over the years in growing this amazing marketing community.

Subscribers can easily stay up to date with real-time case studies, Google tool updates, and tips that came from someone making a mistake that we now don't have to make to learn from. Don't ya just love Twitter?