ūüĎč ¬†Hey i'm Adam, an SEO¬†consultant from the UK. I've been in the web marketing industry for most of my working career and, over those years, i've built up a pretty comprehensive list of people who give great insight including: enterprise agency owners, independent consultants and fresh faces in the industry who share value.

I learn an enormous amount from these people on twitter. But, like many SEO's, i'm often pretty busy making sure my client website's aren't on fire. Sometimes that means I struggle to keep myself up to date.


As i'm sure you will agree, you can fall behind pretty quickly in the world of SEO - so keeping up is kind of important.

Twitter is a perfect place to stay informed: Google uses it, so does it's employees and so do incredible SEO thought leaders. BUT. There's a lot of noise.
ūüí° If only there were a website that curated the best highlights each week to help me stay on top...
...Enter seotweets.io: Weekly curated SEO tweets to keep you sharp, without the noise.

A tool that pulls together the best tweets from SEO twitter to provide you with the most valuable, most thought provoking and most actionable SEO insight, every week.


Well, I recently became a HUGE fanboy for Webflow - an incredibly empowering 'nocode' website builder.

Webflow gives you the capability of building custom sites without code. It has enabled me to build fun custom projects in a flash, including my own consultancy website.

"...But is it good for SEO tho..."

Incredibly, yes. That's one of the reasons i'm such an advocate. If you're interested in the specifics, I wrote a piece over on my personal blog summarising 5 reasons why I think Webflow is godlike for SEO.

Anyway, the site is built on Webflow with a dynamic CMS that is fed by Zapier connections into the twitter API and tweetpik which is a SUPER handy twitter screenshot tool made by the @bruno__quaresma (Bruno is super kind by the way - reach out to him).

The automation looks a little like this:‚Äć

Without Webflow, i'd need a pretty proficient developer to achieve this.

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‚ÄćI'm a huge fan of Webflow and tweetpik and I use them both A¬†LOT. I'm super proud to say seotweets.io is affiliated with both brands.

If you use the affiliate links on this website and sign up to either service, seotweets.io gets a commission ūü•≥

100% of commissions go to keeping the site going and any profit made goes towards global and UK tree-planting projects, powered by Ecologi - Find out more

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