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Quick Guide to how How SEO Works

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What is SEO (Explain it to me like I'm 5)

Flat out: what is SEO? How does SEO work? What is the foundation of SEO? These may be elementary questions, but if you are new to SEO, then finding a direct answer can sometimes be way too in depth and intimidating. In this article, Andres elegantly breaks down the core fundamentals of these questions, and keeps it that way so that you can read on within other articles in confidence.

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SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions

A list of terms and definitions, with examples/Case Studies to help newly acquainted Search Engine Optimization scholars get their bearings on this chasmic marketing practice. From backlinks and black hats to webmasters guidelines. Lastly, we'll be updating this SEO vocabulary list as time goes on, and will be including tools and practices as well as concepts.

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